Having a buzzing time!

Hope you are all enjoying the rare sunshine this week! This month the children will be learning about the history of the local area and our community. The Preschool will have a map showing historical landmarks and will be comparing how things have changed over time. Portchester Road, which the nursery is situated on, is […]

Painting masterpieces!

Our preschool children have been having fun  making masterpieces for our gallery! Art is a valuable tool in children’s development. It assists with their communication and language skills, social, physical and emotional development and is an excellent way to help them express their inner Picasso! Children generally love activities like painting where they can get […]

Not long until Mother’s Day!

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at the season of spring and the changes this season brings to our environment and the world around us. To celebrate World Book Day on 7 March the children and staff will be coming into nursery in pyjamas to represent stories at bedtime or dressing up as […]

Storytelling and kindness

Love, kindness and mental wellbeing are the theme of this month’s activities. National Storytelling week starts this week and we will be talking to the children about reading and books and of course spending time reading to them. We have our own lending library which helps us to share many different books with the children. […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas. As the weather turns colder, we will be teaching the children about ice and snow and the impact these weather conditions have on our lives.  The children will also be doing ice and snow themed activities such as making snowflakes and snowman pictures. This […]

Happy festive season!

At nursery, we like to embrace the Christmas season and will be decorating the rooms and listening to Christmas songs with the children. Throughout the month, all children will be working on some exciting craft items, which will form Christmas treats for parents to take home on your last day this month. In line with […]

Learning about winter and keeping safe

As we gradually move into a new season, we will be talking to the children about Winter and the changes it will bring. This month the children across the nursery will be learning about Guy Fawkes through making lots of colourful art and craft activities to represent the different shapes exploding fireworks make. On the […]

This week our babies have been enjoying painting. Painting is a fun way to teach babies new skills such as hand and eye co-ordination, colour recognition, fine motor skills, visual expression, and an awareness of cause and effect. It also helps them develop their social skills and encourage them to work together. It also inspires […]

Pirates and saying thank you!

Welcome back to all our children who have been away.  September is a busy month with lots going on and lots of different activities for the children to enjoy. For International Literacy Day on 8 September we will be teaching the children about the different way words are used, how it is important to listen […]

Fun in the rain!

With the weather being so wet and windy we have been talking to the children about how the weather should not stop you from having fun. One of my favourite sayings is, there is no such thing as unsuitable weather just unsuitable clothing! We have been talking to the children about the good things that […]