Learning about winter and keeping safe

As we gradually move into a new season, we will be talking to the children about Winter and the changes it will bring. This month the children across the nursery will be learning about Guy Fawkes through making lots of colourful art and craft activities to represent the different shapes exploding fireworks make. On the […]

This week our babies have been enjoying painting. Painting is a fun way to teach babies new skills such as hand and eye co-ordination, colour recognition, fine motor skills, visual expression, and an awareness of cause and effect. It also helps them develop their social skills and encourage them to work together. It also inspires […]

Pirates and saying thank you!

Welcome back to all our children who have been away.  September is a busy month with lots going on and lots of different activities for the children to enjoy. For International Literacy Day on 8 September we will be teaching the children about the different way words are used, how it is important to listen […]

Fun in the rain!

With the weather being so wet and windy we have been talking to the children about how the weather should not stop you from having fun. One of my favourite sayings is, there is no such thing as unsuitable weather just unsuitable clothing! We have been talking to the children about the good things that […]

Happy Graduation Day!

We recently had our graduation party and ceremony for our preschool children who will be starting school in September. This is always a special and emotional celebration for the children, their parents, and our staff. It has been an honour and a privilege to have cared for and educate these children, some of whom have […]

Some goodbyes and some space action!

For some of our preschool children this will be the last month they spend at the nursery, and over the coming two months our school leavers will be preparing to make the transition to school. We will be showing the children what their new schools look like and talking to them about what they need […]

Holidays with children

Summer is here! That’s the occasion to share some tips for a happy and relaxing holiday. Holidays before children are a chance to get up late, relax on the beach, go out for meals, soak up the culture, or dance till dawn. Holidays with children are a totally different matter. Holidays with children can be […]

Walking barefoot helps children’s brain development

While children are typically dressed in trainers for physical activity it is easy to forget that feet do have amazing qualities. They can be used to grip the floor for strength and balance, and their different parts (toes, ball, sole, heel) can be more easily felt and used when bare. Furthermore, there is evidence indicating […]

Published Poets

Early this year some of our preschool children joined in writing their own poems as part of the young writer’s poem and creative writing competition. They were then chosen to be published in the completed book, which we received our nursery copy of this week. The children have been excited to hear their poems read […]

Children and technology

Nursery World recently ran an interview with Dr Alvaro Bilbao, who has published Understanding Your Child’s Brain, which recommends parents ration or not allow screen time for children under six.  Among the author’s comments are the following points: People are designed to learn through human interaction and brain connectivity reduces when children play with video […]